Quality Control Program

Pierce Associates, Inc., maintains a full-time professional Quality Control Department staffed with individuals certified in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/NAVFAC Construction Quality Management (CQM) Program as well as numerous other trade associated certifications (B31.1 Power Piping Visual Weld Inspector (ANSI/ASME B31.1), Victaulic Contractor Installer and Inspector, Specified Technologies, Inc. Trained Firestop Installer). To ensure that the necessary controls, supervision, inspections, tests and documentation of the definable features of work complies with the requirements of any Contract/Specifications, Pierce has developed a detailed Quality Control Plan.

The Quality Control Plan consists of a four phase process (Preparatory Meeting, Initial Inspection, Follow-Up Inspection/Testing and Final Inspection) and is ready to roll out and incorporate onto any project. Quality Control Personnel will thoroughly review Contract Specifications, Drawings, Equipment and Instrumentation and coordinate with jobsite personnel to assure compliance with not only the quality control requirements of the project, but the procedures contained in the plan. Quality Control will strive to reduce construction deficiencies, punch-lists and re-work thereby improving job efficiency and profitability. Pierce has taken the lead in the industry by developing detailed testing/inspection procedures and documentation that are second to none. We has also crossed some major milestones. Through the incorporation of various National Building Codes and nationally recognized safety procedures, Quality Control has now developed, the first of its kind, High Pressure Pipe Testing Procedures, which have already proven to be very effective in safely and efficiently pressure testing piping up to 1125 psi. Our goal is to always be a leader in the industry and insure the highest level of quality in all that we do.