Modernization of the Department of Interior

Washington, D.C.
Owner: G.S.A.
Architect: Shalom Baranes Associates
Engineer: GHT Limited
Contract Value: $32.5 million

The Department of Interior Building is the national headquarters for the Department of Interior, which includes the National Park Service. The building is over 1.2 million square feet, has a basement with a parking garage, cafeteria, fitness center and a central utility plant, a mechanical level, seven levels of office space and a penthouse. The facility was designed in 1915, delayed because of World War I, and eventually built in 1937.

The purpose of this modernization project is to replace and upgrade the existing heating, air conditioning, plumbing and life safety systems. This is an occupied building being phased over a nine-year period. The facility has 4,500 tons of cooling, utilizing cooling towers and centrifugal chillers that also serve the GSA Regional Office Building. There are 51 air handling units and 2,300 fan coil units, plus assorted computer room environmental units. The upgrade also includes a new direct digital control system.

The plumbing system includes over 800 fixtures, and water service is provided from three separate locations. There are over thirty sump and sewage pumps in the basement.