2200 M St.

Washington, D.C.
Owner: Millenium Partners
Architect: Shalom Baranes Associates
Engineer: Shalom Baranes Associates
Contract Value: $23.7 million

The project is a mixed-use building consisting of 1,187,000 square feet of hotel guest rooms, luxury condominiums, and support areas including laundry, restaurant, and sports club along with 700 parking spaces.

The hotel HVAC system uses four-pipe fan coil units fed by a central plant located in the penthouse consisting of (2) 500-ton electric chillers,  (2) 150 HP gas fired boilers, (4) cooling towers, and pumping systems to serve chilled and heating water to the building.  A 100 HP boiler supplies steam to the hotel laundry and associated equipment. A single cooling tower provides condenser water to multiple ice machines located through out the hotel and kitchen areas. Independent air handling units serve the public areas.  All major HVAC equipment is connected to the building’s energy management system. The residential units are served by a closed loop hydronic heat pump system with a penthouse pumping system consisting of  (6) cooling towers, plate heat exchangers, (4) 125 HP gas fired boilers and zoned pumping system.

Hotel guest rooms and condominiums feature luxurious plumbing fixtures with polished brass trim.  Condominiums include whirlpool baths with innovative enhancements. Water services are supplied through multiple connections through the local utility mains in the street. Water distribution utilizing a central packaged water booster system serves the hotel and residential towers.