One Freedom Square

Reston, VA
Owner: Boston Properties
Architect: KCF-SHG
Engineer: TOLK Inc.
Contract Value: $7 Million

This is a new 450,000 square foot, 18 story office building.  There is retail shopping space located at street level, while the rest of the building is office space with a primary tenant, Andersen Consulting, occupying part or all of twelve floors. Close coordination between Pierce Associates, TOLK and the other trades allowed for timely construction while maintaining high quality workmanship.

The HVAC system is a chilled/condenser water system consisting of two 800 ton chillers which feed a central air handling unit located on each floor, and two cooling towers which provide condenser water for the chillers and supplemental tenant air handlers located on various floors throughout the building.  The plumbing system consists of a central core restroom area on every floor with sanitary and water runouts to tenant kitchen areas.  There is also a small health spa, located at the basement level, with shower and locker room facilities.