National Federal Laboratories

Beltsville, MD
Owner: National Federal Laboratories
Architect: Kallmann McKinnell
Engineer: R.G. Vanderweil Engrs.
Contract Value: $9.7 Million

The National Federal Laboratories project is a three-building complex consisting of laboratories, offices, conference rooms, administrative support areas and test facilities for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Building #1, the security reception facility, is designed to allow ATF security personnel to complete back-ground checks on visitors and screen all incoming deliveries. Building 2A is home to ATF criminal investigation personnel and fire scientists. The interior core of this building is used as office and administrative space and is bordered on the east and west sides by laboratories and support areas.  Building 2B is a test facility for the ATF Fire Science Group. The primary feature of this building is a high-bay research and testing area where the ATF constructs mock-ups of various fire scenarios.

HVAC systems include (2) 450 Ton Centrifugal Chillers, (2) Cooling Towers, (2) 12.5m BTUH boilers, pumps, computer room a/c units, atomizing humidifiers and related piping services.  Galvanized and stainless steel sheet metal is utilized for flat-oval, rectangular and round air systems. Plumbing systems include plumbing fixtures, laboratory fixtures, laboratory air compressors, laboratory vacuum pumps, ultra-pure water, acid waste, compressed air and special gases.