Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Care Building

Baltimore, MD
Owner: Johns Hopkins Hospital
Architect: Payette Associates, Inc.
Engineer: Bard, Rao, & Athanas, Inc.
Contract Value: $14.5 Million

This building is a new medical facility for Johns Hopkins outpatient care and surgical procedures.  The lower level of this building has eight operating-room suites, related pre and post-operative rooms, laboratories, and surgical support facilities.  These rooms required the HVAC, medical gas, and plumbing systems to be independent of the systems on the upper floors.  The upper floors consisted primarily of examination and procedure suites that required extensive plumbing and medical gas system.

The HVAC system consisted of approximately 600 VAV boxes, with reheat coils, which were fed by six, custom made, built-up, roof top air-handling units.  The special procedure rooms (X-ray, CAT scan, and MRI) scattered throughout the building required precise environmental control.