Univ. of Md. - Chemistry Teaching Building

College Park, MD
Owner: University of Maryland
Architect: Design Collective, Inc.
Engineer: Bard, Rao & Athanas
Contract Value: $8.2 Million

This project was new construction of a laboratory teaching facility with 8 “Bullpen” teaching labs and 19 research and teaching labs.  The mechanical system included medical gases, glycol water, chilled water, steam & condensate, heating hot water, reagent water, laboratory waste, laboratory supply air & exhaust air, domestic water and lab water.  The Phoenix Air Control System and related ductwork was installed in a very limited space with an “exposed” ceiling. This required a particularly precise coordination effort and necessitated a very “clean and neat” installation to maintain the aesthetics of the laboratory.

The Building Automation System (BAS) for this project included both Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) and Laboratory Pressurization Control (LPC).  These systems were capable of integrating multiple building functions including equipment supervision and control, alarm management, energy management and historical data collection and archiving.  The BAS system included DDC panels, AHU controllers, exhaust AHU controllers, air terminal box controllers, an integrated LPC System, operator workstation, etc.  A critical element was the integration of the Phoenix Control System with the rest of the BAS for proper balance and pressurization of the labs.