The Willard Hotel and Office Building

Washington, D.C.
Owner: Willard Associates
Architect: Vlastimil Koubek
Contract Value: $10.3 Million

The project consisted of the complete rehabilitation of the existing vacant Willard Hotel and the addition of an adjoining office building.  The complex also housed historic areas such as the Peacock Alley, Crystal and Willard Room Restaurants, and the Occidental Restaurant on the first floor of the Office Building.  The exterior of the building was adorned with a courtyard and a three level fountain system.

The HVAC system consisted of 1600 tons of refrigeration, which fed five hundred and twelve (512) V.A.V. units through eighteen factory fabricated air handling units and three hundred eighty nine (389) guest room fan coil units.  The complex also housed a complete in-house laundry and various kitchens to serve the referenced restaurants.