Bureau of Printing and Engraving New VOC Emissions Control System

Washington, D.C.
Owner: United States Department of the Treasury
Engineer: Genesys Engineering, PLC
General Contractor: Washington Gas
Contract Value: $1.2 million

The VOC Capture System comprises the exhaust duct collection systems for vapors from the printing presses to a point of exhaust on the roof of Wing C.

Work included demolition of the Penthouse MER. This included complete demolition of existing mechanical and electrical equipment. We provided the required rigging and demolition of the old gas fired system, which included a VOC Absorber and Incinerator.  

The New VOC Control System included (2) 12,800CFM, Aerovent Airfoil Centrifugal Fans tied into eight existing printing presses. The 36” and down ductwork was constructed to a negative 12” w.c. pressure class. The galvanized interior ductwork and stainless steel exterior ductwork were supplied with flanged connections for easier installation.  The project included specialized fire-damper/security barriers at entrances to all printing rooms and money storage locations. The controls incorporated were an Allen Bradley based PLC system, to provide 24 hour redundant variable pressure control.