Gaylord National Harbor & Resort

National Harbor, MD
Owner: Gaylord Entertainment
Architect: Gensler
Engineer: Flack + Kurtz
Contract Value: $150 Million

The Gaylord National Harbor and Resort is an all-encompassing, one million sq. ft. meeting and convention site created with 2,000 amenity-laden guestrooms that include over 100 premier suites, punctuated by the signature restaurants, high-tech sports bar, luxury spa, fitness center, retail shops and night club featuring live entertainment at the top of the hotel tower.

The central utility plant provides heating hot water and steam with three (3) Cleaver-Brooks 700 h.p. hot water boilers and two (2) Cleaver-Brooks 700 h.p. steam boilers controlled by a CB Hawk boiler control package. Chilled water is provided by four (4) York 2,000 ton chillers supported by five (5) Baltimore Air Coil cooling towers.

The hotel room HVAC systems are supported by four (4) pipe vertical fan coil units with an internal valve package, Incom thermostats and risers. The convention center, hotel restaurants, bars, lobby areas, corridors and back of house areas are supported by conventional air handling unit/ VAV box air distribution systems. The hotel atrium area is fed by a combination of air handling units with under-floor duct systems and outside air is fed through concealed duct risers with grilles on the hotel room balcony and an under-floor heating system.

Plumbing in the hotel rooms is served by over 6,300 plumbing fixtures, supported by prefabricated assemblies for domestic water, sanitary waste and vent (Sovent system). Both the hotel and convention center plumbing systems include custom kitchen and laundry facilities.