FDA Consolidation - Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (CDER) 2 Office Building

Silver Spring, MD
Owner: General Services Administration
Architect: Kling / RTKL
Engineer: Kling / RTKL
Contract Value: $10 Million

The CDER 2 Office Building is part of a multi-building consolidated campus for the Food and Drug Administration located in Silver Spring, MD.  This 6-story building contains approximately 350,000 square feet of office space which will be occupied by FDA employees.

Similar to other buildings on the FDA campus, the CDER 2 Office Building is connected to the Campus Central Utility Plant through a network of utility tunnels.  Chilled water and hot water services are provided by the Central Plant.  The primary heating and air conditioning system at the FDA CDER 2 Office Building is very unique.  There are five large, custom roof-top air-handling units that feed the conditioned air to distribution plenums that are located on each floor of the building.  From the distribution plenum, the conditioned air is distributed to an under-floor air distribution (UFAD) plenum.  Variable-air volume swirl diffusers are installed in the steel and concrete raised access floor tiles to distribute the conditioned air to the office space.  In addition, hot-water finned-tube heaters are located beneath nearly every perimeter window in the building.

The plumbing system is primarily composed of 2 core bathroom groups on each of the 6 floors.  The domestic water is distributed throughout the building with a packaged booster pump in the basement and domestic hot water is generated by electric water heaters that are located in many of the mechanical rooms.