US Department of Transportation Headquarters

Washington, DC
Owner: JBG/Federal Center, L.L.C.
Architect: DMJM Design
Engineer: DMJM Design
Contract Value: $29.5 Million

The Department of Transportation Headquarters Building located near the Navy Yard at the Southeast Federal Center, Washington, DC will serve as the consolidated headquarters for the United States Department of Transportation.  The 2,100,000 square foot building is comprised of two office towers overtop of a two-level, underground parking structure.

The mechanical systems consist of four centrifugal chilled water refrigeration machines and cooling tower systems totaling 5,700 tons of refrigeration, 96 air-handling units, 283 fan-coil units, 157 fans, 6 major pumping systems and four heating boilers.  There are over 1.3 million pounds of ductwork and 113,000 linear feet of HVAC piping within the project.  The plumbing systems include over 1,600 plumbing fixtures, 95,000 linear feet of pipe, 35 hot-water heaters, 59 pumping systems and one, large exterior water feature.