FDA Consolidation – CDER Office Tenant Build-Out (Bldg. 1)

Silver Spring, MD
Owner: General Services Administration
Architect: Kling Lindquist
Engineer: RTKL Associates, Inc.
Contract Value: $6.5 Million

This office building was the second phase of construction for FDA’s consolidation into the Federal Research Center in White Oak, Maryland, and the largest building on the planned complex. With 551,000 gross square feet of office space, it will accommodate CDER’s Office of New Drug Evaluation and its support functions, including information management and technology, training and library activities as well as the Office of Regulatory Policy, Office of Counter Terrorism, Pediatric Drug Development, Office of Pharmacoepidemiology and Statistical Science, and the Office of Pharmaceutical Science. Approximately 1,750 people will work in this facility.

The building utilizes over seven hundred variable air volume boxes for its heating/cooling requirements. Almost one hundred air handling units supply forty-five degree air to low temperature diffusers throughout the building for the cooling system. The plumbing systems include thirty-two kitchens and a servery in the basement. All flush valves and lavatory faucets are electronic.