Portfolio: Commercial

E-Trade Bank
Located in the Ballston Tower in Arlington, Virginia, E-Trade Bank is the nations largest Internet bank.
Contract Value:
$4.1 million
Modernization of the Department of Interior
The Department of Interior Building is the national headquarters for the Department of Interior, which includes the National Park Service.
Contract Value:
$32.5 million
Terrell Place – Old Hecht's Building
Terrell Place is a thirteen story office building across the street from the MCI Center that utilized the existing historic façade of the old Hecht's building and is an integral part of the revitalization of the Chinatown section in Washington, DC.
Contract Value:
$8.5 Million
One Judiciary Square
The District of Columbia Government now occupies this 764,000 square foot building, consisting of 199,000 square feet of garage space and 565,000 square feet of retail and tenant office space.
Contract Value:
$8.6 Million
Worldgate Mixed Use Facility Phase II
This 650,000 square foot mixed use complex contains hotel space, a gymnasium with racket ball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, exercise area, several retail locations, and covered garages.
Contract Value:
$3.5 Million
King Street Station Phase IV
This office building with retail space and parking garage was tailored to the needs of the tenant. Pierce Associates' early involvement with the project.
Contract Value:
$2.7 Million
One Freedom Square
This is a new 450,000 square foot, 18 story office building. There is retail shopping space located at street level, while the rest of the building is office space with a primary tenant, Andersen Consulting, occupying part or all of twelve floors.
Contract Value:
$7 Million
Gannett-USA Today Headquarters
The Gannett-USA Today project is the headquarters building for the Gannett Corporation as well as the facility where the USA Today publications are published and transmitted to their printing operation.
Contract Value:
$17.5 Million